Review: NIGHTLIFE – Salt & Acid

Salt & Acid is available now. Looking for a new band to sink your teeth into? Look no further than British pop-punk group NIGHTLIFE, who are back on the scene with the release of their debut album, Salt & Acid. A release that seeps with infectious pop-hooks and an overall catchy sound, it's definitely a must-have … Continue reading Review: NIGHTLIFE – Salt & Acid


Review: Dangerkids – Blacklist_

blacklist_ is out now via Paid Vacation. There's something to be said about a band who opts to defy the conventional ideas of genre in favour of a sound that is all their own. It's something that comes about rarely now-a-days, with many bands trying to stay within the "successful" mould, which is why the new … Continue reading Review: Dangerkids – Blacklist_