Interview: Telehope

February Featured Artist Telehope speak to Legendary Kids Press about their music and hopes for the future.

Telehope are a five-piece indie pop band from Cincinnati, Ohio. With a drive to succeed and hearts of gold, they’re looking to expand their listenership and have their music reach the ears of anyone who will listen. They’re well on their way to becoming on the scene’s most promising acts, and we’re excited to see where the future will take them.

How would you describe your music to those who have never listened to Telehope before?

We like not having a specific genre, so we don’t put ourselves in a box, musically or creatively. We have a big variety of influences and like writing as we are led, rather than per-a genre. With that being said, when [asked] we answer saying we are indie pop. It’s a broad genre and allows us to be very creative.

Who were your musical influences growing up and how would you say they’ve influenced the music you make now?

Adolph Goetz: Relient K is the band that made me first pick up a guitar. ‘Be My Escape’ was the first sone I learned on guitar. They’ve strongly influenced me growing up and also today. I love the depth of their lyrics and how their genre varies from record to record. They do an exceptional job telling stories and expressing emotions through music and lyrics.

How did the band come together?

The band originally started as a three piece. We were three best friends – our hang out time transitioned into playing music together. After some member changes, we are now a five-piece band. We all share a common passion for music and want to spread hope together.

You originally began the band under the moniker “Undivided”. What was the decision behind the name change?

We were never huge fans of the name “Undivided”. It seemed pretty generic and didn’t stand out very much. We searched for over a year, trying to come up with a new name. We finally settled on the name “Telehope” and are very happy with it.

You released your debut album earlier this year. How has the response from fans been thus far?

We have been very blessed with a solid fanbase here in Cincinnati. Our friends, family and fans are incredibly supportive. The response for our new album Chasing Dreams has been extremely positive. People have really connected with the songs and we are humbled by the reaction.

What was the recording process like? Were there any memorable moments?

We recorded the majority of our album at All These Sounds in Forest Park, Ohio. A lot was recorded at Night Owl Studios in Hamilton, Ohio. Some of the drums were at Dark Horse Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, and the rest was recorded at random places in Cincinnati.

The recording process was fantastic. We did everything independently, which gave us complete creative control and allowed us to take our time to make every song exactly how we wanted. If was so much fun! The whole process was very memorable. Being a band full of best friends, there is never a dull moment. We love spending time together and recording music together is a blast!

Where do you typically find inspiration for your lyrics?

We find inspiration through sincere emotions and personal experiences. Our songs mean a lot to us because they apply very specifically to our lives. I think that’s why people can relate to our music.

If you could pick one moment that stood out for you as a highlight during your time with Telehope thus far, what would it be?

As a band, we would agree in saying our album release show. The support we received was overwhelming to say the least. We managed to sell out Madison Live (in Covington, Kentucky). It was incredible to see that crowd and be able to play our new songs in front of such amazing people. Our fans, family and friends made that show very special. We won’t ever forget it.

Where do you see the band in five years?

Our dream is to continue to write, record, release and perform original music. We would love to go on tour and continue to grow our band. We want to spread hope. We will continue working hard and see what the future holds.

Finally, why should our readers give you a listen?

We are very passionate about our craft. Each of our songs sound different, but they flow together. Our music is very honest. There is depth to our lyrics. From fun Coldplay-esque piano sounds to Walk The Moon-like solos, The 1975-inspired guitar solos and twenty one pilots Ukulele sounds, we are chasing dreams and would like to invite you [along] for the journey. Together, we create Telehope.


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