Interview: Underdog Champs

With the release of their new EP, Underdog Champs are hoping to make 2017 theirs. But Are they able to do so? Legendary Kids Press spoke to the band about the release and their upcoming touring plans.

Underdog Champs are a band who don’t like to pigeonhole their music into one specific genre. Instead, they allow it to reach the ears of anyone who will listen. And you know what? Their strategy is working pretty well. The band have been steadily on the rise, and with the release of their new EP Skeletons in Daylight, they’re looking to show 2017 who’s boss.

How would you describe your sound to those who have never listened to Underdog Champs before?

I think the best answer is [a] pop-punk group that isn’t afraid to venture into heavy rifts or pull some heartstrings. We are influenced by a vast array of artists, so we try not to stick ourselves into a certain group.

How did the band come together?

Underdog Champs started as Mark [Bradley’s] studio project, with Nick [Jones] recording guitar. He wanted to play the songs live, so we recruited Nick, who played in a band with Justin [David Mason] and Josh [Bailey], who really digged the music and everything fell into place. After a few shows, we all really clicked and started to write music collectively.

Who were your musical influences growing up, and how have they influenced the music you’re making now?

Like everyone else, we started listening to what our parents did or what [was] on the radio, then sort of took off from that as we got older. A few of us have parents who were musicians, so we got an array of influences from jazz and funk to rock and roll, which really helped shape us as musicians.

You released your new EP Skeletons in Daylight on February 24th. Are you excited for fans to finally hear what you’ve been working on in the studio?

We’re especially excited for Skeletons because it’s very different from anything any of us have done in the past. We started writing with the idea of being un-influenced by genre, and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprise with what happened.

Which song are you most excited for fans to listen to?

‘Coming Clean’ has a really dynamic and different feel than a lot of other songs out there. It has catchy aspects, as well as really cool technical sections. We all got to go crazy while keeping the song’s feel in mind.

Did you approach anything differently this time around while in the studio?

Instead of quickly pumping out songs and recording within a few days, we had more time to jam on songs, send back and forth ideas to each other, and get the feel we wanted out of the music. Nick also got more involved with the actual engineering side, which allowed us to take more time in the studio and make everything perfect.

You’re set to go out on tour soon, in support of the EP’s release. Are you excited to perform these new songs?

We’ve been putting a lot of effort into making the shows after our release that much different and that much better, not only musically but visually. We want to change our set for everyone who has been coming out to see us since we started. All of us are really proud of the work we are putting in and can’t wait for people to see it.

Which date are you most looking forward to, and why?

All of us are really looking forward to the March 17th date at SoundStage [in Baltimore]. Most of us have never played there and hear it’s a great venue. It’s also on St. Patrick’s Day, so things should get rowdy.

Do you have any other touring plans for 2017?

We will be playing a lot of shows in Spring of 2017, but everything else is in the works as of now.

Where do you hope to see Underdog Champs in the future?

We love writing and playing music together, so we intend to take it as far as we can. More songs, more shows and more hangs!

Is there anything you’d like to say to your listeners?

Stay class, San Diego!


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