Interview: Rebuild & Rebound

Rebuild & Rebound are looking to release their third EP later on this year. Legendary Kids Press spoke to the band about its impending release and their plans for 2017.

Rebuild & Rebound are a pop-punk band from Cedar Lake, Indiana. Having experienced a steady rise since the release of their debut EP Paper Bag in 2013, the band are looking to continue their gains with the release of their upcoming third EP. Will this release achieve what they hope it to? We certainly think so!

How would you describe your sound to those who have never listened to Rebuild & Rebound before?

A fluid balance of pop-punk, pop-rock, [and] solid and fulfilling jams that, when they come on, no matter what you’re feeling, your head and body will be rocking.

How did the band come together?

Three-fourths of the band (Jake [Brown], Mike [Klein] and Quade [Maximoff]) all went to high school together and had been playing music together for about two years, until we were introduced to Christian [Danner] at a show our bands played together. We asked him to join and just like that the lineup was set in stone. It was also, at that point, when the band started to get a bit more serious as we started to gain momentum and continue on the path that has put us here today.

Who were your musical influences growing up, and how do you feel they’ve impacted the music you’re making now?

All of us come from a diverse background and interest in music, while at the same time having core groups that we could relate to was a blessing. At the core were bands like Fall Out Boy, blink-182, The Maine, Panic! At The Disco and Mayday Parade. They all had their own little touch on what we are doing now in their own way. For example, P!ATD and Mayday gave us a lot of piano and orchestral melodies that compose a good amount of our material, while The Maine and All Time Low gave us groove and basic melody. Both which you can find in almost everyone of our songs.

You’ll be releasing a new EP later on this year. Is there anything you can tell us about it, in regards to how it’ll compare to previous releases?

This is our third EP release and it will be an important release for us, mostly because it is the showcase of the “new” Rebuild & Rebound. Within the past year or two, we have made the decision that we want our music and our writing styles to mature and not stay locked into any one genre-centric way of composition. So we took down a good amount of our fundamental building blocks and started with a clean writing slate. Our new songs reflect the kind of pop-rock/pop-punk blend that we feel like reflects the true positive feeling that we try to spread.

You worked with Seth Henderson on 2015’s Wishful Thinking. Is there anything you took from him that you made use of in recording the new EP?

We call Seth a wizard, and for good reason. What he does is he pushes us further out of our creative comfort zones, and it seems with every new recording that we do with him, he pushes us further and further out of our shells. If you listen, you can even tell what songs we might have finished earlier on Wishful Thinking because his effect was that drastically constructive. The number one thing we took from Seth was to challenge ourselves to write better and compose better, which we took to heart with this new EP.

You’ve released the EP’s lead singles ‘Consider This’ and ‘Knockout’. How has the fan reaction been thus far?

The reception of both ‘Knockout’ and its predecessor ‘Consider This’ were received extremely well. Any communication with our fans has been about favouring the change in sound, the creativity difference and, all in all, maturing our sound.

Aside from the EP, do you have any other plans for 2017?

To put the metaphorical and physical rubber to the road. We plan to tour as much as possible this year, trying to get out to new places we’ve never been able to reach, and all in all spending as much time on the road as possible!

What are your ultimate goals for Rebuild & Rebound; where do you see the band going in the future?

We see ourselves as a band that has the potential to grow and shape intro something much bigger than we are now. Through, all in all, to keep our positive mindset and message at the centre is crucial to whom we are. We plan to never stop trying and never stop pursuing what really makes us happy, and that’s making music that makes us happy!


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