Review: NIGHTLIFE – Salt & Acid

Salt & Acid is available now.

Looking for a new band to sink your teeth into? Look no further than British pop-punk group NIGHTLIFE, who are back on the scene with the release of their debut album, Salt & Acid. A release that seeps with infectious pop-hooks and an overall catchy sound, it’s definitely a must-have on any music listening device.

Salt & Acid, while not particular ground-breaking, is a solid release that any pop-punk fan can and will appreciate. With leanings toward pop, a difference from the band’s previous release, it’s an album that will appeal to the masses and bring in hoards of new fans. Tracks like ‘Out Of Your Mind, opener ‘Left Alone’, ‘Broken Man’ and ‘Bullet Wounds’ bring to mind scene staples, such as old-school Panic! At The Disco and blink-182, while ‘Lonely At The Wheel’ and the album’s title track bring about comparisons to Mayday Parade. Lyrically, the album seems to cover the typical love and relationship topics seen within the genre, yet the upbeat nature of the instrumentation mask the pain that is present – something we feel will definitely appeal to listeners and earn the band kudos.

Overall, Salt & Acid is an album that NIGHTLIFE can be proud of. While not necessarily bringing anything new to the table, it’s a release that’s solid and features hit after hit after hit. Think of it as a guilty pleasure, without it actually being so. It’s the album that’ll gain the band the attention they deserve, and we feel a round of applause is needed.


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