Review: Dangerkids – Blacklist_

blacklist_ is out now via Paid Vacation.

There’s something to be said about a band who opts to defy the conventional ideas of genre in favour of a sound that is all their own. It’s something that comes about rarely now-a-days, with many bands trying to stay within the “successful” mould, which is why the new album from Paid Vacation’s Dangerkids is such a gem. By melding the best of rap, rock and post-hardcore, the four-piece has created a sound that takes them to a whole new level, and they’re doing it flawlessly.

One listen through Blacklist_ shows a melding of genres that anyone in the underground scene can and will appreciate. Those looking for a Linkin Park, rap-rock vibe can find what they need in ‘Crawl Your Way Out’ and album opening ‘Kill Everything’. For those looking for some mosh-able post-hardcore, ‘Summoner’ and the album’s title track will satisfy your earbuds, with their insanely catchy choruses and heavy breakdowns.

However, the band aren’t ones to shy away from lighter material. Diverging from their normal ways, album closer ‘Invisible Summer’ presents an acoustic sound that’s beautiful and well-written. There’s also a wide selection of alt-rock tracks like ‘Ghost In The Walls’ and the anthemic ‘Inside Out’, the latter of which is easily one of the best on the album.

Overall, Blacklist_ is one of the better albums to come out of January 2017, and could quite possibly be one of the best of the year. Dangerkids are one of the most unique bands in the scene today and this album is proof of their potential to go far in their career. Blacklist_ is something special and is deserving of kudos. Trust us, if the band weren’t on your to-watch list before, they definitely will be now.


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