Review: Stray Weather – Tragedy EP

Tragedy is available now.

Imagine your favourite spoken word. Done it? Now imagine your favourite electronic or hip-hop beats. Now mash them all together. What do you get? Stray Weather‘s Tragedy.

The band’s debut EP, Tragedy is certainly something we here at Legendary Kids Press haven’t heard before. While it’s a relatively short release, clocking in at only 10:32, it manages to create a pretty big impact, beginning with its first track. ‘Weathered’ is a song that stays true to its name, featuring a sound reminiscent of summer storms, which pairs well with the weather-themed connotations brought about in the lyrics. From there, the release is filled with bursts of quick-spitting rhymes paired with one hell of a beat, as heard on ‘Right Isn’t Right’, and passionate sharing of feelings like those heard on ‘What If’ and ‘Romansick’, the latter of which brings about a slight Enter Shikari vibe.

Overall, Tragedy is a unique release – there’s honestly no other way to describe it. The way Stray Weather have managed to blend poetry with this sound to create something like this is truly a special feat and one we guarantee listeners will love. While we understand that, at first glance, the EP might not seem like your type of music, but we urge you to give it a try. Even if you don’t necessarily like its sound, you’ll find the lyrics and the way it’s been produced have an impact on you. We know they had one on us.


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