Review: As It Is – Okay.

Okay. is available now via Fearless Records.

2017 sure has been a good year for pop-punk thus far, and it looks like this upward trajectory is going to continue with the release of As It Is‘ sophomore album Okay. A release that sees the Fearless Records five-piece bringing their best work to the table, it’s definitely an example of maturity and talent.

The overall sound presented on Okay. is one of what we’ll call positive pop-punk (although, we’re not quite sure what to call it) – meaning, while the lyrics at times might come to encompass the more down/sad content we’ve come to expect with the genre (failed relationships, being away from home), the instrumentation is much more upbeat, somewhat masking the heaviness of the lyrics. This is a tactic As It Is have used since they first came together, and it’s something that continues to work in their favour.

There’s a little bit of everything on the release, so one is bound to find at least one track that’s to their liking. Those looking for pop-punk that leans more toward the pop side of things need look no further than lead single ‘Okay’, as well as ‘Hey Rachel’ and ‘Patchwork Love’. For those of you who wish to slow things down a bit, we highly recommend ‘Curtains Close’ and ‘Still Remembering’, especially the latter, which is without a doubt one of the better tracks on the album. A beautiful ballad, it makes good use of the band’s ability to slow things down without losing their spark. And finally, for something brimming with classic pop-punk edginess and aggression, we highly suggest giving ‘No Way Out’ a listen.

There are some tracks that do fall a bit short. Opener ‘Pretty Little Distance’ is a nice, catchy offering, but when compared to the rest of the album does get lost. ‘Soap’ can only be described as unique. It brings to mind early pop-punk staples like Brand New, and its chorus is far stronger than the verses – it’s definitely a track that’ll take a few listens to get used to. The band tried to branch out from their usual sound and we’re not quite sure they succeeded.

Given the fact that only two out of Okay.‘s 11 tracks means that the album is definitely deserving of a gold star. As It Is have had a pretty great career since signing to Fearless Records and have produced some of their best songs while with the label. Okay. is a further continuation of this, and we can guarantee that pop-punk fans both old and new will be able to appreciate what the band have brought to the table with its release.


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