The Unlikely Candidates Announce New EP

Bed Of Liars is set for release this February.

The Unlikely Candidates have announced they’ll be releasing their new EP Bed of Liars on February 17th via Another Century Records. The EP is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Speaking about the EP, frontman Kyle Morris says:

Bed Of Liars is the first time the band truly defined itself in sound. It also marks the departure from observations on humanity to introspections on being human. The messiness, contradictions, and compromises of love are unraveled between life’s tangled sheets of grey, as the band’s focus shifts from the head to the heart.”

You can view the track listing, as well as the artwork, for Bed of Liars below:

The Unlikely Candidates - Bed of Liars

Track Listing:

  1. Best Things in Life Aren’t Free
  2. Ringer
  3. Your Love Could Start A War
  4. Violence
  5. Call My Name
  6. Reaction

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