Interview: VISTA

On the heels of the release of their new single ‘Henchmen’, VISTA spoke to Legendary Kids Press about their music and what they envision for 2017.

VISTA are an anthem-rock three piece from the US north east who are steadily making waves within the underground community. With their ability to make hard-hitting rock that doesn’t skim on the melodic undertones, VISTA are looking to make 2017 theirs – and by the looks of it, they might be able to do just that.

How would you describe your sound to those who have never listened to your music before?

Matt Vlossak: Rock with ambience! Bombing drums, driving heavy guitars and bass, and catchy vocals.

Greg Almeida: I’d say I would agree with that! Certain songs have certain flavours – we just need to put out more stuff in general to convey this.

Hope Vista: Huge upbeat anthems!

Which band or musician would you say had the most influence on you growing up, and how would you say they’ve influenced the music you’re making now?

MV: Most likely Angels and Airwaves. I’ve been a fan of Tom DeLonge’s previous work in blink-182, but it wasn’t until AVA that it hit me the most. I love soundtracks and ambient music. I used to listen to the Star Wars soundtrack when I was little, and currently fall asleep to Explosions In The Sky every night. But AVA has put everything, from bombastic drums [to] anthemic choruses and cinematic music, and they put on the best live show I’ve ever seen!

Atom Willard is also a big influence [for] me too. I love his style and how he accents notes. It kind of plays a role with VISTA in the same way, musically.

GA: Growing up, I was into a lot of The Fall of Troy and Jack White, and also the typical stuff to like on Long Island (Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, etc.). But there’s a lot of different avenues of music I like.

HV: I was always influenced by the 90s bubblegum-pop artists growing up – that’s what was on TV all the time. Britney [Spears] was – and still is – my favourite. I just loved those artists’ performance quality – it was always high energy. [They] don’t really influence the sound of VISTA, [as] they’re totally different sounds, but they 100% influence how I want to perform!

How did the band come together?

MV: I found out Hope lost her drummer and at the time, my band wasn’t going in the direction I felt comfortable with, so I reached out to her [the] same time Greg did for the guitarist part. We had an audition together and here we are now!

You’ll be releasing your new single ‘Henchmen’ on January 13th. How would you say it differs from the tracks found on your debut EP?

MV: ‘Henchmen’ is the first track with the influences of Greg and [I]. Versus was a cool EP, but as Hope will tell you it was rushed. Some of that shows on certain songs. ‘Henchmen’ happened naturally and evolved into something bigger than I imagined.

GA: I would say you could probably tell there was a different guitar player in the band. You can [also] tell there’s a different dude singing too. Still gets big, though.

How was the songwriting process this time around; was it easier writing this track than previous ones?

GA: For me, it was super easy to be honest. I’ve written songs that were much harder.

HV: Verses always come really easy to me, but choruses for some reason are super difficult! Writing this chorus drove me nuts. But once it was finished, I was stoked on it; it came together nicely and the dual vocals are my fave part.

Does this mean we could possibly get another EP (or even an album) at some point this year?

HV: Yeah! We’ll definitely be releasing a new EP during the first half of this year, hopefully around May [or] June – but I think it’ll be more toward June! Our EP Versus has only been out for seven-eight months, so we’re not in a crazy rush to get another one out there too soon. We [want to] take these next few months to write some killer tracks and develop them completely!

MV: Nothing is worse than rushing. Since it’s winter and not a lot happens show wise due to the weather, it gives us time to write more songs. Kids nowadays always want more right away, even after you drop new music. Sensibly, an EP would be the right direction to go in next.

HV: 100%

You’ll be performing a show with Against The Current on the single’s release day. How do you feel their fans will react to your sound?

MV: Truth be told, I’ve been pushing us to play with ATC for a while, haha – the fans have been too. I don’t know why, since we both sound completely different from [one] another, but I think the fans [are] in for a real treat when they see us live.

HV: I’m mega amped for this. I think it’ll be a sick lineup, overall.

GA: I think they will dig it. I feel like our bands mesh together well!

How do you see 2017 shaping up for VISTA?

MV: Writing, touring [and] seeing as many fans as possible. You never know where we could go. Some dreams would be Warped Tour, overseas shows, etc. The sky’s the limit.

HV: Gonna keep working and playing a ton of shows, [and] get to writing for our next EP!

GV: Yeah, we gotta write, write, write, honestly, and play [a bunch of] shows.

Any last words?

GA: Thank you so much for interviewing us, and check out ‘Henchmen’…

Darth Vader is Luke’s father.

MV: Thank you to all the fans who are reading this, and for you to take the time and interest in VISTA! It means a lot to me and the band. I hope to see you and everyone at a show soon!

Much love and best wishes to you all.

HV: Thank you for interviewing us and for your awesome review of ‘Henchmen’!

Greg is ridiculous.

‘Henchmen’ is set for release January 13th.


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