Review: VISTA – Henchmen (Single)

‘Henchmen’ is set for release January 13th.

Hot off the heels of the release of 2016’s Versus EP, VISTA are back with ‘Henchmen’. An insanely catchy single, it’s a promising release for a band who could easily become one of 2017’s breakout stars.

Right off the bat, listeners will notice a sound that’s much more rock-oriented than what has been heard in previous tracks. There appears to be more focus on heavier guitars and bass-driven lines, which helps keep the band from getting too soft in their sound. There’s also no electronica/pop elements in this track, which might throw some listeners off, but we promise the lack of those elements does not take away from ‘Henchmen’ – in fact, not having them present makes it better, in our opinion. It allows for the anthemic quality and for the lyrical content of the track (which has a focus on current events) to really make an impact, and it pairs well with frontwoman Hope Vista’s vocals.

Different from previous tracks still is the focus on dual vocals, something the band has tested the waters with before, but not jumped full force into. With ‘Henchmen’, dual vocals are seen during the chorus, which allows for vocal contrasts to come front and centre, something that works in the track’s favour. It adds dimension and keeps listeners interested. It’s slightly reminiscent of We Are The In Crowd, but with more of a rock punch.

Overall, ‘Henchmen’ is a great next step in VISTA’s musical career. A track that perfectly balances hard-hitting instrumentation with infectious vocals and hooks, it’s definitely the best showing of the band thus far. Think of it as Against The Current meets We Are The In Crowd meets The Other Side-era Tonight Alive. If this is the direction the band continue with, we can almost guarantee they’ll be swept up by a label before the year’s out. Trust us, they’re that good.


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