Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

Show of hands: Who else is ready to put the awful year that was 2016 to bed and welcome 2017 with open arms?

It’s undeniable that 2016 wasn’t necessarily the best year. Not only did many of our idols unfortunately pass away, but overall, the year itself felt very blah. Thankfully, it’s officially 2017, which means we can now look forward to new and better things!

What are those “better things”, you ask? New music and tours, of course! If there’s one thing that’s constant in this world, it’s that there will always be new music released. So, of course, we had to make a list of the 10 releases we’re looking forward to the most in 2017!

It’s quite a list – we suggest you grab a pen and some paper.

10. As It Is – Okay.

Set for release January 20th via Fearless Records.

It’s been nearly two years since we last had an album from As It Is, so boy, are we happy that the band’s upcoming release is only a few weeks away!

As of posting, the band have teased us with three tracks – ‘Okay’, ‘Pretty Little Distance’ and ‘No Way Out’ – and from the sounds of it, the UK pop-punks are leaning toward more of a lighter pop sound with Okay. Some might be a bit apprehensive at the change, but hey, a little pop never hurt anyone!

9. Lorde – TBA

Release date TBA.

Can you believe it’s been over three years since Pure Heroine graced our ears? We can’t either! Seriously, how has it been that long? It seems like only yesterday that we were jamming out to ‘Tennis Court’ in our bedroom, hairbrush microphone in hand.

Well, given how long it’s been, it only seems fair that Lorde‘s new album should be on the horizon for 2017. We’re not too sure what to expect, but one thing is certain: we’re going to love it!

8.  Courage My Love – Synesthesia

Set for release February 3rd via Mutie Productions.

If there’s a band that’s seriously deserving of your immediate attention, it’s Canada’s own Courage My Love.

Hailing from Kitchener, the budding pop-punk three-piece have been steadily making waves with their catchy and infectious music. Now, they’re back with their sophomore album, Synesthesia. Keeping the pop sentiments they’re known for while presenting a more mature sound, this album is sure to be a favourite of many.

7. Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness – Zombies on Broadway

Set for release February 10th via Vanguard Records.

From the looks of it, February is already shaping up to be a pretty good month, so the fact that Andrew McMahon‘s latest album is out on the 10th only makes it better!

If we’re being honest, Andrew’s self-titled album was one of favourite releases of 2014. There’s just something about the way he writes his songs that hooks us, and we can’t seem to stop listening. We know Zombies On Broadway is going to carry that signature sound, and to say we’re stoked to hear it would be an understatement.

6. Black Veil Brides – TBA

Release date TBA.

We know, Black Veil Brides aren’t necessarily at the top of the list for some music fans, but it can’t be denied that they’re one of the most talented rock groups in the scene today. Andy Biersack’s vocals are second to none and the band’s overall sound is enviable – it’s no wonder they’ve amassed such a following!

There’s yet to be word on a new BVB album, but we’re keeping our fingers-crossed that 2017 will present us with one.

5. Taylor Swift – TBA

Release date TBA.

No, Taylor Swift hasn’t announced she’s releasing an album in 2017, but we can hope, right?

It’s been two years since the masterpiece that is 1989 was released and it’s made such an impact on the music world that we’re still hearing its tracks played on the radio daily. While we love the record, we need some new T. Swift music to sink our teeth into, and given all that’s happened in her life over the past few years, she’s definitely got more than enough material to make what could easily be the album of the year.

Please, Taylor! Don’t make us beg!

4. The Maine – TBA

Release date TBA.

Who else has been following The Maine‘s progress on their new album on social media?

Honestly, there isn’t a band we love more in this scene than The Maine. We challenge you to find a group who’s as honest, humble and hardworking as these five guys. With each record they release, they try something new and different and we love that they’re not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to their music.

We can only guess what they’re cooking up with their new album!

3. Ed Sheeran – TBA

Release date TBA.

Ed Sheeran has been pretty quiet on social media over the past year, but it looks like he’s finally awoken from his slumber to tease us with what we can only hope is new music. And you know what that means: a new album is finally on the way!

We’ve waited so long and finally our prayers have been answered!

2. Paramore – TBA

Release date TBA.

Hayley Williams and co. have been hard at work in the studio working on the next Paramore album and we’re keeping our fingers-crossed that it’ll see the light of day in 2017.

Paramore’s last release was an undeniable hit and gained the band a whole host of new fans eager to hear something new and fresh. The band are absolute musical geniuses, so we know that whatever they release, it’ll be an instant hit!


Release date TBA.

Topping our list is PVRIS, who are undeniably the biggest breakout stars of the past two years. The band have been on fire ever since signing to Rise Records and releasing their debut album, White Noise, and they’re destined to continue their upward projectors with record #2.

The band have been hard at work in the studio and from the sounds of it, it’ll be an amplified sound of what was heard on White Noise. We seriously can’t wait, and we hope they end up touring a lot in support because we know we’ll want to see these songs performed live.

And that’s the list!

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was narrowing it down to just 10 albums – there were so many more we could have added in! What did you think of our choices? Was there anyone you feel we left out? Be sure to send us a tweet or Facebook message and let us know!


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