Relaunch 2017

It’s 2017 and Legendary Kids Press is announcing its relaunch.

We know, we’ve been pretty silent over the last few months. To be honest, there wasn’t any reason for our absence other than the fact that life (school, work, etc.) got in the way. However, now things are returning to normal, which means that those of us working for Legendary Kids Press can give the site the attention it rightfully deserves. Over the past month, work has gone on behind-the-scenes to give Legendary Kids Press a rebirth and, at last, it’s time to present to you what we’d like to call LKP 2.0.

So what is LKP 2.0, you ask? Well, we’re now all about that long form content (hence the move from Tumblr to WordPress). This means that instead of the little blurbs you were used to with our Tumblr site, we’re now going to focus on making content interesting and engaging. Gone are the days of two-three sentence news stories – instead, there are going to be proper articles! There’ll be more of a focus on reviews and interviews, as well as original features.

For photography, we want you to be able to scroll through photos in an easier and more organized way, and we’re hoping WordPress will offer that opportunity! Who knows, you might even find a show review or two under a photoset.

Overall, we want LKP to have a more polished look and we feel this relaunch presents that. We hope you’re excited for what’s to come, and we thank you for sticking with us for so long. We really appreciate it.


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